Barclay Investments, Inc.

Barclay Investments, Inc. is an eighty-six year old, privately-held financial services firm that offers trading strategies and professional execution in the global fixed income markets.
With offices in New York, New York and Santa Monica, California, the Company has seasoned sales and trading specialists that cover U.S. and international-based institutional accounts, including global asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds, banks and private wealth managers.  The firm’s product strengths include: dollar-denominated and local currency Emerging Market debt, U.S. Treasuries, investment grade corporate bonds, sovereign bonds, and index-linked bonds.

Barclay executes client orders with other clients or with various third-party dealers, without taking position risk, and clears all transactions through the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Financial Services LLC (ICBC-US).  Clients receive trade ideas and anonymous execution, while dealers also benefit from quality trade flow and additional liquidity. Barclay’s experienced sales and trading team, loyal customer relationships and product knowledge are the foundation for the company’s success in maintaining its niche in the institutional bond market.